All About Red Ruby

Ruby the Red Stone: – Ruby is such a gemstone which is popular for its vibrant red color. Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July. Glorious Red color of ruby is the manifestation of our strong emotions like love, displeasure, and temper. In the early days, people used to collect rubies as they had found similarity with blood and they used them as the symbol of extreme force and energy of life. History of Ruby: Ruby has a significant historical background as a gemstone.  The name Ruby derived from the Latin word “Ruber” which means red.  Many years ago, it was truly believed that ruby used to grow on the tree as the fruits grow.

Rubies are mentioned several times in the Bible in connection with features like love, beauty, and knowledge. In ancient India, ruby was called “Ratnaraj” or “The king of precious stones.” in the Sanskrit language. Hindus divided rubies into different classes including upper class, middle class, and lower class according to their beauty and color. Rubies were the most demanding gemstone of European royalty and higher class. Medieval Europeans used to wear rubies to ensure their luck, wealth, health, knowledge and happiness in life.

Benefits of Wearing Ruby: – Gemstone Ruby is for those who are seeking spiritual erudition. It will quench your thirst with unlimited knowledge and wisdom and will bring divine satisfaction. When you are wearing a ruby gemstone, it ensures Psychic Protection to the wearer by eliminating negativity and evil force. Ruby has a mystical power. It can open the portal of the spiritual realm, and the wearer develops an innate bonding with nature.

This fortune stone motivates the wearer to go after their hearts and pacifies the mind from the burden of stress and despair. An excellent meditation stone, Ruby is also ideal for evaluating conviction during hard times. Yet another excellent benefit of using ruby is that it gives the wearer the immense power of concentration and helps to focus on work. 

The significance of wearing Ruby Ruby is guided by Sun. So, Sunday will be the perfect day for wearing this precious gemstone. It should be studded in gold. Red Ruby is the most famous because it gives extra benefits to the wearer. According to astrology, those who want to get recover from these following diseases can wear Ruby-

  1. Restores vision problems.
  2. Refines Blood Circulation
  3. Strengthens Immune System
  4. Gives relief from Migraine.
  5. Controls Low Blood Pressure
  6. Protects against Bone Disease.
  7. Helps regular Menstrual Cycle.

Sterling Silver Ruby Ring ruby eternity band ring  pink sapphire and diamond engagement ring yellow sapphire eternity ring

Effect of Ruby:-

  1. Secures good Health.
  2. It makes free the wearer from the financial crisis.
  3. Ensures success in professional life.
  4. Confirms Promotion in Job
  5. Cures problem of Eyes.
  6. Guarantees Success in Business.
  7. Sharpens Mind Power.
  8.  Caters enormous Happiness.
  9. It protects the wearer from evil spirits.

Healing Power Ruby is regarded as the most powerful gemstone on earth, as ruby induces joviality and instigates spark in human nature. It shuns away despair and brings vibrancy in character. Ruby intensifies financial stability and improves social acceptance. The wearer of this fortune stone enjoys wealth and prosperity and is blessed with healthy children. Ruby arouses inner strength and helps to fight with depression and distresses of life.  Moreover, Ruby stone plays an influencing role in many career paths like sports, entrepreneurship, engineering, music, and acting. Ruby gemstone is associated with prosperity, wisdom, wealth, comfort, luxury, influence and acceptance.

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