Crystal Stone for Anxiety Relief

In ancient Egypt, the amethyst was given to the soldiers before going to the battlefield. It is believed that this stone provides claiming effects and helps the soldiers to stay calm and focused on threatening situations.

Healing stones are the natural solution of the anxiety.  It is not scientifically proved but those crystals have some magical power to ease the anxiety. People who worry a lot, emotionally unstable, stressed and depressed may find relief to use those crystals.

I am going to describe the benefits of some stones.


This lilac gray or rose-colored stone is very effective in dealing with anxiety. This stone gives you a sense of calmness to the people who worry a lot. It provides relaxing effects and persuades serenity. It helps to reduce depression effectively.     

Lithium quartz:-

Lithium quartz is very helpful to decrease anxiety. Bathing with this stone can create relaxing effects and eliminates stress. It is very effective for people who are suffering from a panic attack.


Amethyst stones are very effective to mitigate anxiety. Placing it below the pillow or simply hold it in your hand or wear in a ring it will provide calmness, serenity, and peace of mind.

Pink kunzite crystal:-

pink kunzite is helpful to people who are suffering from stress. It can lessen anxiety and panic attacks. It also effective in the treatment of a psychological disorder, associated with anxiety and depression. This stone can make you free from negative emotions and boost moods and uplift the spirit.

Pink Mangano Calcite

This crystal has the power to resist anxiety. It can heal stress and tension and induce serenity and peace. If you are in a hasty lifestyle and suffering from anxiety due to corporate culture, mediate a few minutes with this stone. These healing crystals for sale boost your peace of mind and able you to focus on work.


Chrysoprase works wonders to decrease anxiety associated with stress. You need to hold it on your right palm and will feel completely relaxed. There is no scientific proves but wearing a chrysoprase pendant can help the wearer stay calm, relaxed, and focused.

Rose Quartz

From ancient times Rose quarts has gifted those people who are from an unstable relationship. Rose quartz is believed to bring emotional balance. It makes the wearer calm and relaxed. Just hold it on hand and take a deep breath to relieve anxiety.

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