Emerald – An Aesthetic Story…

Emerald is a greenish blue gemstone, which has been revered by generations through the history of time. It has been regarded with high value in antiquity and archaism with ancient Egyptians, Indians, Aztecs, Romans, and Incas, who have venerated this wonderful gemstone.  

History of Emerald:

According to Indian mythology, the name emerald was first rendered from Sanskrit, as “marakata,” having the meaning “the green of growing things.” The name we know as of today is widely believed to have been derived from an ancient Persian word, translated to Latin as “smaragdus,” and eventually over time, metamorphosed to the modern version, known as “emerald.” As history says, this precious gem stone was known and traded in the markets of Babylon, at times as early as 4000 BC. In ancient times, the Romans attributed emerald with the goddess, Venus and thus this gem is believed to draw passion, joy and unconditional love in its possessor’s life. It was known that Emerald was the dearest gem of Cleopatra; the most cherished Queen of Egypt. Being green, emerald’s history believes it to represent and evoke fertility, new growth, youth, vitality and the season of spring.

Healing with Emerald:

Emerald is known to possess several healing properties, like:

  1. Emerald is known to repel signs of aging by revitalizing and rejuvenating and refreshing the debilitated organs.
  2. Emerald’s conjunction to the heart is both physical, as well as spiritual, and it is well known to treat and aid to cardiac weakness.
  3. Strained eyes can be pacified with a wash of emerald water, while the same brew can mitigate eye infections.
  4. This gem is also endorsed to be worn if a person is suffering from epilepsy, muscle soreness and joint problem.

The archetypical most innuendo to emeralds in Western literature comes from Aristotle. The philosopher had stated “An emerald hung from the neck or worn in a ring will prevent the falling sickness (epilepsy). We, therefore, commend noblemen that it be hanged about the necks of their children that they fall not into this complaint.”

Mystical powers of Emerald:  

Bestowing to the classical Hindu literature, the Vedas, emerald, worn as an astrological gemstone, represents small yet powerful planet Mercury (Budh) which renders a strong leverage over native’s life.  In western culture, Emerald as a birthstone is treated to be lucky for people born in the month of May. According to Hinduism, emerald is used to heal the “Anantha Chakra”, also known as the heart chakra, which has the strength to manifest all that one’s soul covets and craves for, and is associated with love and compassion. The Roman charmer, Damigeron, had that an emerald “influences every kind of business, and if you remain chaste while you wear it, it adds substance to both the body and the speech.”  In accession, it was speculated that wearing an Emerald as a jewelry would enhance one’s memory and intelligence, sanctioning one to think and reason out clearly about the past, present, and future. Emeralds were also assumed to reveal what was true or false and were believed to be a countermeasure for enchantments and spells. The harmonious and amicable dynamism of this gemstone stimulate positivity, eagerness and understanding between the couple. Thus emeralds are always considered to be a great catalyst in a happy and satisfied conjugal life. It has proved to detoxify pessimism and transform it into optimistic emotional energy. It stabilizes, balances, calms, and offers a sense of security.  


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