Gemstones for healing neck and head pain


There are several reasons for neckpain. It can be due to muscle strains, worn joints, nerve compressions, injuries, or diseases. Doctors should be consulted for the root cause. Healing crystals are not alternatives to medical diagnosis or medicines. However, if you believe them they might improve your mood. Healing Crytals work with emotional, or spiritual discord in the body which is causing illness. It cannot treat the physical illness itself. 

Depression and tension can cause muscle pain, headache or neck pain. Mental agony adversely impacts sleep. Many times, one issue leads to the root cause of another issue. It is important to diagnose the physical issues. It is also important to bring mental peace which would allow the body to heal itself. The impact of will power and positive mindset is enormous. 

I have listed down the healing benefits of some of the crystals. 


It is a well-known throat chakra stone that carries soothing energy to heals the pain, caused by tension and stress. The throat chakra is assumed to increase the ability to tell truth. The aquamarine is very effective to cluster headache and migraines. It can restrain the negative energy and radiated positivity within your chakras.

Lapis Lazuli:-

Lapiz lazuli is able to handle the chakra that gives benefits to the neck and throat. Primarily well known as a throat chakra stone, It works with the third eye chakra. It also stimulates the throat chakra that heals neck pain. It opens the third eye chakras and helps to give relief from headaches. It also brings peace and spiritual experience.

Clear quartz:-

It is well known for clearing chakras that generate energy through nerves and veins.  You can keep clear quartz on any place of the body to evacuate the blockage of energy. It has the property of amplification that works well for healing.


Amethysts can help to clear energy flow from nerves and veins. It can remove the debris that may hamper the flow of energy. It works with throat and crown chakras to heal the pain in the neck and head. In addition to excluding pain in your head, Amethyst also gives comfort both emotionally and spiritually.


It is an effective stone to heal migraines.  If you wear a moonstone necklace, it can heal the pressure in the neck an head. Sometimes we face several headaches due to stress and hormonal imbalance. Moonstone helps to relax the body and balance the hormonal secretion. Here I have provided some piece of information that works for headaches. To know more about healing crystal to heal the pain follow my next blogs.  

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