Healing with Emerald Gemstone

History of Emerald Emerald the “green glowing gem” has been known by many names and is one of the four recognized precious gemstones besides ruby, diamond, and sapphire. It has been fascinated in the ancient cultures in Egypt, Persia, Greek, and India and worn by many historical figures including King Alexander, Cleopatra, Queen Elizabeth II, and Jacqueline Kennedy. Spiritual Power Emerald is not only encompassing Royalty but also a symbol of Fidelity. It is the Gemstone of Goddess Venus. It has a strong mesmeric effect which stimulates bonding and balance between partners. It is well known as the symbol of true love. Emerald also brings luck in romance to the wearer and it incorporates integrity, compassion and unlimited love. Whoever wears this precious stone as a pendant or locket around the neck, it brings good luck and prevents the wearer from all disasters of life. How does Emerald Gemstone work? Emerald opens up heart chakra. It is used as a protector of love life. It improves blood circulation and gives a refreshing feeling to our mind and body. This precious stone captivates good luck and keeps your body healthy by increasing immunity. Emerald has a restoring quality as it fights against aging when it is used properly.  It is also famous for healing different body parts like restoring poor eyesight and treating the heart, liver, kidneys, gall bladder and lungs. Besides all these powers, emerald also helps to rejuvenate spiritual and emotional energy. Emerald captures all negative energies and transmits them into positive vibes. It improves mood and helps the people who are suffering from insomnia. Zodiac: April 21-MAY 20 is birth sign of Taurus is considered best to work with emerald. It brings luck and happiness in your life.

  • Color of Emerald
  • Color of emerald is mostly bluish green to dark green. But it comes with other colors too like blue, light pink, purple and red.
  • You can arouse your heart chakra by placing emerald on your chest by wearing it as pendant and locket.

Types of Emeralds:- 1. Brazilian Emerald: Brazilian Emerald is very high in Quality. It is mined in Brazil. It has many varieties of greens and one can get in other colors too like pale green to blue shadows with black strip. Brazilian emerald refers to as green tourmaline as well. Green tourmaline boosts happiness in life. 2. Cat’s eye Emerald: It is very unusual Gemstone which is found in South America. It looks similar to the pupil in cat’s eye as it has slits on it. Cats eye emerald is renowned for its intensity. 3. Brown Grey African Emerald: A unfamiliar brown-grey emerald is mined from places like Zambia and Namibia. If it is  viewed under fiery light, African Emerald also looks bluish. 4. Trapiche Emerald: Trapiche has some dark impurities which create a six ray star. These emeralds are unique and mined from Muzo mounts of Colombia. 5. Synthetic Emerald: Synthetic Emerald is a lab created emerald. It has same material and visual properties like a natural emerald. Synthetic Emeralds are available in all types of colors . It is not unique as synthetic emeralds. Emerald has been regarded as the most alluring and mesmerizing gemstone which intensifies harmony and friendship. An epitome of love and romance, it will continue to spread happiness to everyone’s life and bring a good balance for a blissful life. Click here for some exquisite emerald jewelry collection. 

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