How to Clean your Jewelry at Home

Clean your Jewelry

Will you imagine any hangout with friends without trendy jewelry? No matter where we are going or what we are doing, our favorite necklace bracelet or any other fashion jewelry always add something extra to our outfit. The fashion jewelry is mainly made with base metals, after using a prolonged time, you may experience a slight changing in color. Due to air pollution, daily use and tarnish our accessories may face plenty of harsh elements. Too much dust and dirt may hamper its longevity as well. But we can restore their previous charming and glossy looks via some easy methods. Using a proper cleaning method adds some extra shine to our favorite one.

While your purpose is cleaning jewelry, think your jewelry like clothing. No two pieces are the same. That means some of your jewelry can clean at home while others need the attention of professionals. The jewelry made with gold and silver is easy to clean at home and even the jewelry, designed with diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are also safe to clean yourself using jewelry cleaners. while platinum and other delicate gemstones like opals corals are the subjects of professional attention.

Why your jewelry is completely blackened?

Clean your Jewelry at Home

The metal especially silver loses its glossy appearance while combining with sulfur, body sweat makeup, and other harmful elements. Silver makes silver sulfide when it comes into the connection of sulfur and your jewelry is turned black.

Here we are discussing some easy home method to removes dirt and dust from your favorite piece :

Silver Cleaning cloth:-

The easiest way of cleaning silver, gold, and other precious metals is cleaning with clothes. Just rub the cloth once or twice over your jewelry and it gets back its previous glory. This cleaning can last for few months for frequently use jewelry. You can find those silver cleaning cloth online or your nearest store.

White vinegar and water:-

Make a solution of an equal amount of vinegar and water(1:1)and take a soft brush and soak the brush under the solution for a minute. After taking this brush and brushing gently to the piece until you see some improvement in appearance. Brush it gently in that way that the brush can reach to every corner and cervices of the designed jewelry. You can also soak the piece into the solution before gently brushing. This procedure is really effective for costume jewelry which needs maintaining a hyper-glossy appearance to match with fashionable clothes.

Salt bath:-

Salt bath procedure is very effective and convenient for the silver jewelry and the pieces having valuable gemstones. But before applying this process you should check to be sure that your favorite piece will glitter rather than be destroyed after running through these cleaning processes. This procedure follows some easy procedures. Take two cups of boiled water in a bowl and add one teaspoon salt and wait a minute to dissolve it in water. Take a few pieces of aluminum foils and place them in the bowel. The combination of aluminum and soil are very efficacious to removing tarnish from jewelry and bring to light its shiny surface.

Warm bubble bath:-

warm bubble bath procedure is applied to the jewelry which needed removing heavy tarnish from the jewelry or stones. And very effective to remove all dirt easily. This procedure is used mainly by removing dirt from the silver, gold and much precious jewelry. Take a mild dish soap and allow it to melt in water and make a foamy solution. Keep your favorite pieces in this solution and allow them to soak for 30 minutes. Don’t overcrowd the solution with pieces. After 30 minutes placed the foamy jewelry pieces in a second bowel in normal water one after one. Then brush them to remove the tarnish and last keep them in clothes to air dry.


How to prevent your jewelry from being dirty or tarnished:-

It is a very common word is applicable here is prevented is better than cure. Yes, follow the procedure to prevent your jewelry from being tarnished.

  • Clean your jewelry regularly
  • Clean your hand while removing jewelry.
  • Be gentle while removing them to avoid scratches.
  • Keep the jewelry in the boxes to avoid expos in the air.

Here some easy methods are described to clean your jewelry. Apply them on your jewelry and make them again a favorite one.


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