Know your gemstones well before choosing!

Healing gemstone-Know your Gemstones

Crystals are divine ways of bestowing the world with good energy. The most remarkably prized crystals are formed within the Earth’s crust, under an immense volume of pressure and heat and these are extracted to the surface by volcanic or seismic activities. Each of the gemstones has a very unique chemical composition which affects the way these stones absorb and reflect light and thus each gemstone is unique to its kind. Gemstones have captivated humankind since time immortal, and have since been used for jewellery making and astrology. In addition to the use as jewelry, gems were revered by many civilizations as astonishing, miraculous and graced with enigmatic and mysterious powers. From the very dawn of civilization, man has regarded gemstones for inviting peace, welfare, prosperity, contentment and happiness. Favorable gemstone provides its possessor with name, fame, power and makes life comparably easier.

Gemstones and their benefits:


Emerald gemstone has been holding a top-notch position amongst mankind since ancient times. One characteristic that makes the Emerald a class-apart is its association with Mercury, which is extensively followed in Gem therapy. The wearer of the Emerald stone can visibly see an increase in their creativity level and linguistic skills. This stone is also believed to increase focus and concentration power. Emerald is also known to be a wonderful talisman for the person who is suffering from speech difficulties. People bearing an emerald have reported to have a peaceful and harmonious conjugal life. Controlling blood pressure is one amongst many health benefits of Emerald.


Heart Of Ocean 2.7ct Created Red Ruby Forever Halo Ring S925 ruby sapphire and diamond ring Ruby is termed to be the birthstone of the sun sign Leo, and thus, wearing this stone proves to be extremely helpful for the ascendants of this zodiac sign. Ruby is considered to embody the positive and negative auras of the sun within it. Wearing a Ruby can help a person to improve his “self-image”. It has also shown signs of helping in overcoming timidity, by providing clarity of thoughts. As per Indian astrology, the ruby gemstones depict the naval Chakra of the human body and help in removing the fear and depression. Wearing it, the possessor can enjoy many luxury and materialistic things in life. Wearing a ruby can aid, negate or lessen the effects of weak eyes, unstable mind, blood circulation, rheumatic problems etc.


Ruled by the mighty Lord Saturn, Sapphire holds the power to flourish or destroy its bearer. It is said that if a blue Sapphire suits its owner, it blesses the owner with immense and abundant prosperity, wealth and good luck. The individual can hope to attain an extremely exalted position in society. This is a stone which can be counted on for bringing in financial stability in one’s life. A person wearing Sapphire has said to be able to take correct decisions even during immensely confusing situations. This stone is also known for improving concentration. Wearing a blue Sapphire can aid the wearer from digestion problems. It also helps in preventing stomach ailments.


As the name clearly suggests, this stone’s powers are drawn from the moon. It is often regarded as a stone for “new beginning”. As known, the moon controls our mind; this gemstone is excellent for meditation, calmness and serenity. This gemstone is perfectly suited to bring in emotional balance and mental peace. It is suggested to many women as it stabilizes hormones and has a lot of health benefits. According to Chinese astrology, the Moonstone is known to possess the Yin energy, which helps in controlling aggression in men. In many ancient cultures, the Moonstone is depicted as the “lover’s gemstone” and is believed to help in finding true love.


Topaz is known to be the birthstone of those who are born in November. Suitable for men and women both, this gem is believed to provide and assist with intelligence and intellect to a man and happiness and contentment to a woman. It is a powerful stone that bestows its owner with spiritual understanding. It is a stone that brings joy, generosity and abundance in one’s life. The yellow Topaz is known for warding off feelings of regrets and anguish. It has positive effects on one’s health as it helps with arthritis and rheumatism. It has also shown signs in improving cold, cough and chronic problems. It is also useful for those suffering from diabetes.


Opal is the only gemstone which is considered as a substitute for diamonds. The famous poet and play writer, William Shakespeare described opal as the “Queen of Gems”. The word opal means precious and the stone totally proves to be worthy of owning because of its physical and cosmic properties. It is the birthstone of October month and is considered to draw its powers from Venus. It is also known to give one an attractive personality. Venus represents the desires of a human being and thus this stone is worn for marital bliss, relationships, fertility and sexual compatibility. It is known to bring passion and strength to one’s love life. Balancing hormonal secretions is one of the medical benefits that this stone bestows upon its possessor.


Amethyst represents Saturn which symbolises justice and humility. It is the birthstone for February and is the Zodiac stone for Pisces. This gemstone benefits the most when worn by those who have weak Saturn. This element is believed to activate the mind and assist in clairvoyance and intuition. Therefore sometimes it is considered a good alternative for Blue Sapphire. Amethyst grants skill and dexterity to its bearer. Along with helping to keep a calm state of mind, this gemstone helps in fighting bacteria and thus keeps the human body clean. The name Amethyst literally means “not drunken” and thus it helps with preventing intoxication. It soothes the body by calming nerves and relaxing muscles.

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