Lux Fire Opal Ring T9J


Opal is a stone of motivation that intensifies imagination and creativity. It can stimulate consciousness and spirit. His own spirit is at times like a kid playing spontaneously, throwing color wherever it pleases. Carrying this creative spontaneity into your sphere of existence can bring powerful creativity.

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SizeCircumference(mm)UK,Europe & AustraliaCN/SG/JPHKSwitzerland
446.8H797 1/4
549.3J 1/29119
5.549.95L111211 3/4
651.8L 1/2121312 3/4
754.4O141615 1/4
7.556P151716 1/2
856.9Q161817 3/4
8.558Q 1/2171918
9.561S 1/2192220
1062.1T 1/2202321 1/2
10.563U 1/2222422
1164.6V 1/2232524
11.566W 1/2242626
1267.2Y252727 1/2
12.569Z262928 3/4
Lux Fire Opal Ring T9J